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Gratitude & acknowledgements 

First of all I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Ancient Native Americans of the Great Lakes for trusting and giving me this task.


The 7 + 1 trees (whisperers), Ancient Teachings and parallel world Guides.


Zoey Wood-Salomon (Native North American poet and artist),

Jim, her husband, for all their love, care, trust and support.


Professor Medar SerrataProfessor Rebecca Castellanos for pointing the opportunity and provide me with everything that was needed,.. their generosity, care, warmth, trust, support. friendship... in one word: their poetry (of words and way of living)


Steve Paulsen uninterested help, english editing, transportation, and invaluable support at different stages of the installation.


Ron Job (Tribal Chairman, Grand River Band of Odawa Indians), for his hospitality, guidance, clarification and trust.


Isadore Toulouse (Anishinaabemowin Specialist, 7 Grandfathers translations) for his open heart, trust and disinterested support.


Nathan Roy (Anishinaabe singer & composer, Song: "Respect the land, Respect what you have" specially compose for "Unknown")


Brian Frisina aka Raven Redbone (Olympia Washington Resident/Host/Producer of "Make No Bones About It."


Margaret Noori  ,the language keeper, for her support and cooperation.


Frank Bartley (Anishinaabe singer).


Black Foot Confederacy Elders - Canyon Records for giving me the opportunity to express my respect through their song to all missing in action in any given time.


Paloma Serrata for her support and help.


Richard App, for the opportunity given.


Edward Benton-Banai for the wisdom and guidance through his book: "The Mishomis Book, the voice of the Ojibway"


Paulina Ruiz-Cuburu for her support and spiritual co-walker.


Martin (the street wonderer) & Friends for promoting and preserving the site at all times


Sandra Freeman Picorová & Glenn for the history lesson at the mushrooms hunting.


ArtPrize for unknowingly provide the platform to manifest "Unknown" 


The City of Grand Rapids for its hospitality, warmth, open heart and inspiration.


Incects and squirrels for sharing and protecting.


... and to all the weavers, jingle hangers, listeners, and travelers that gave life and fullfillment to "Unknown"...




To all, my deepest gratitude..





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